Bandimex Band Clamps

BANDIMEX Befestigungssysteme GmbH fastening products have provided universal and economical solutions for a wide range of applications in many different branches of industry such as hose clamping, sign fastening, instrument mounting, etc.

Bandimex Band Clamps

Bandimex Band Clamps Specifications

Range Band – Stainless Steel CrNi & CrNiMo
Buckles & Clips
Marking System Baby-Bands
Preformed Clamps
Mounting Brackets
Tools – air and tools

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Features & Benefits

  • Options stainless steel CrNi or CrNiMo band materials
  • Standard band 3/8 to 1 ½” size
  • Full rounded edges
  • Range of mounting attachments available.
  • Available in box or plastic dispenser
  • Range of hand and air tools available.

Bandimex Band Clamps Downloads